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Can I see an Eglu Cube???

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Hi all,


Having made the decision to purchase an Eglu Cube (which took me forever!) I then read on another post that people are having problems with the Cube leaking :(:(:( . This has now thrown me into complete hysteria over whether to go back to my original thinking of getting a wooden coop :(:( BUT ... I want something easy to clean .... back to the Eglu cube!! I keep going round and round in circles :?:?


I WONDERED : is there anyone out there who has been using a Cube and lives within an hour's drive of Poole/Bournemouth who would be VERY KIND enough to let my husband and I pop in just to have a look at the Cube to see exactly how it all works. It is SOOOO difficult trying to assess everything, just by looking at photos on the web.


I'd be very grateful for HELP on this one!


Thanks a lot guys.


Karen :):):)

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Hi Sam,


Aw thanks for your offer! You're very kind. I wanted to see a Cube in particulary, as I'm planning to get 3-5 chooks and I felt the standard Eglu wouldn't be big enough. I have luckily found a lady nearby whose Cube I can go and see, which will be a great help.


Thanks ever so much for your offer - I really appreciate it! I'm glad I'm not the only one in Poole wanting to keep a few chickens!


Oh well .... here's to happy hen keeping!! :):)

Karen :P

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