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messed up with potato seeds... what do i do now?

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bonjour tout le monde...


a while agp i asled on this forum : "what do i do with spare potato seeds?"

i got loads of answers, thank you very much.


now, i am afraid i did not do well enough...

the spare seeds i had, i kept them in a dark place, in a box, but quite a warm place as well...

now the seeds have got sprouts that are long and white, which i heard before is not so good...


so: can i still use them?

i don't want to waste too much of my compost, as i want to keep it for something that's worth it...


anyway... will long white sprouts on potato seed still do?




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How long is long? Mine started to sprout in the box whilst I was on holiday, so I put them in empty module trays on a shelf in my conservatory where they would get plenty of light, and now the shoots are turning a healthy green. I think they'll be OK, but they were only an inch or two long before I put them in the light. If yours are a lot longer, they may have exhausted themselves already, but it's worth a go - good luck!

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