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grass seed v chickens

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If you want to re-seed your lawn, you'll need to fence it off for quite a long time to let the seedlings grow and establish themselves. I would think that one of the tougher "family lawn" mixes would work best - and you could always sow some spare seed in pots to give your girls some grass whilst they're kept off the lawn.

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I have just re-seeded my lawn, in other words sprinkled grass seed over all the bare bits :)

It is all starting to shoot and I don't seem to have any problems with the hens. I guess they eat some of the seeds but to be honest it would take them weeks to eat the lot


I have another box of seed that I am going to sow in a week or so over the last lot so that hopefully it will cover any bits that get missed :? I shall probably do this a couple of times through the summer!

I am banking on the girls to just nibble to tops of the grass so that I don't have to mow the lawn :lol: When they were in their run for the first 5 days they kept the grass down beautifully :D

Julie x

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which is best and wont harm the chickens, will they eat it? am i wasting my time?

really dont want patchy grass and mud


I think the size of the area is important debbie....if you have just a small lawn, the hens will trash it in no time , and seedlings will never get a chance to establish themselves, but if it is larger and you can fence areas off, you might have a fighting chance of establishing a lawn.

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I do hope so! I put my Eglus smack in the middle of the lawn for the winter, well if you can call it a lawn - it was rather bare and lumpy anyway.


My plan is to dig over these areas when they move into the Cube, and then re-seed and put the Omlet netting over/around these places to keep chickens and other naughty birds away. It's quite encouraging to hear that they don't eat all the seed, Daisy's mum. I am rather hoping that because the ground should be jolly well fertilised, the seed will spring up extra-fast!

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