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Anyone tried the Fox repeller (not fox watch)

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Has anyone tried this fox repeller ? http://www.primrose-london.co.uk/fox-repeller-p-1251.html?osCsid=0887aede3ebf153650e68a53f51ac503 it's quite a bit cheaper than the foxwatch so I was tempted.


My girls free range in the garden much of the day and so far we've not had a problem as the foxes around here only seem to come out at night (village with minimal street lights in our part so I guess they don't get confused the way urban foxes do :shock: ).

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guess that's why it's cheaper. With 2 cats and a dog next door that isn't going to work for us :cry:


Guess it's the foxwatch then.


BTW does anyone know if you get the mains adaptor does it also work on batteries ? I need to get power down the garden but have more trees to clear out before a cable can be buried so that's several months away...

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