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new owners need some help!

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Hi and welcome to the forum, mine just got the idea straight away but I have heard of people putting there chickens in through the egg port or using a broom handle to gently nudge them in, somewere on the forum I think in chickens there is a whole topic on putting them to bed. Sorry I can't be of much help, when it goes really dark they may just go in, you will have to keep an eye on them but at least when it is dark they will be easy to pick up. Good luck and let us know how you get on......... :D

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:shock: Pesky chooks .. now we have Mrs Snowy ... we had a bit of a bedtime carry on too last night. The 1st 2 nights I caught her after Ginger had gone to bed, and put her through the eggport. Last night, as we had them running around together, I expected Mrs Snowy to toddle in behind Ginger. :wink: .


She decided to roost on TOP of the Eglu, but when I went to sort her out, she had hopped down and her fluffy bottom was headed through the Eglu door. 8) .


They will get better .... just getting used to what to do and when. :wink:

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