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Advertising/Selling on the forum

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Out of necessity, the Omlet forum has a policy that members may not sell or advertise a service or product for monetary gain on the forum. This is intended to protect the privacy of all forum members and so that they feel comfortable in using this unique facility, knowing that they will not be targeted for a sales pitch. The intention is to maintain the goodwill and wonderful camaraderie, which prevails on the site. We would like all our members to enjoy the forum secure in the knowledge that it is not being used as a selling platform by individuals.


These guidelines apply to anyone selling items or who has any connection to the business, directly or indirectly.


This policy includes posts which advertise your product/s and/or service, however inadvertently, and extends to unsolicited Private Messages (PMs) sent to forum members. Please note that any such advertising will be moderated. Any member, who continues to do this after being asked not to, will be removed from the member list.

Members are urged not to openly ask others about their products.


However, members are permitted to include a discreet link to their website in their signature, where those sites might promote or display their products/service. But neither the link, nor the items, are to be referred to in forum posts. Also members are allowed to sell/advertise eglu/cubes and eglu/cube related items on the “Eglus/Cubes for sale" topic only. However, only Omlet products may be offered for sale.


No member may solicit goods or services for purchase from other members via the forum.


We have a "Free To A Good Home" section where unwanted items can be offered but no money must exchange hands for these items please. A donation from the recipient to the BHWT http://www.bhwt.org.uk might be a nice idea as a thank you for getting something you wanted for nothing though :D .


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