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Raised bed question

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Hi all

I am going to start my raised beds next week, they are going to be built with 2 courses of therma blok with a decking board "seat" round the top. The plan is that I can sit on the boards to garden as I have dodgy knees and a bad back!

We are going to render the outside and then paint them a nice colour.

My question is:

Should I PVA the inside of the beds before filling to stop any moisture getting into the bloks? or will PVA be toxic for the plants :? I am going to line the bottoms with weed control fabric. If I cant use PVA what else will do or can I just leave them untreated.

Obviously I only have one chance to get this right :roll:

Julie x

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Thank you for getting back so quickly Mathew :)

I was hoping that someone would say not to bother, though I would have watered down the PVA.!!!!

I am hoping that the beds will be "chair" hight so that I can sit comfortably on the edges.

I am just worried that if any dampness came through the bloks it will make the render fall off or am I being really dim :oops:

Julie x

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