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Cant make our minds up! Pls help!

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Has anyone else had sleepless nights trying to narrow down a list of bantam/miniature breeds to just 2!!!

Its just proving impossible!


Our lovely cube is coming in May and a large run is currently under construction. They will also have about a quarter of an acre to free range in-under supervision-and we definatley want 2 hybrids (and some room left for some ex-bats when we are more experienced) but the Bantams, boy! they are causing chaos in this house 'cos no one can make a decision!


Is it just us or has anyone else gone thru a similar thing??


Some help would really be appreciated and any info from you all? ie characters, temperaments, suitability for children and CUDDLES etc. Pls help us narrow this list down to 2.... OK maybe 3!

The list is; Pekins, Sussex, Wyandottes, Orps, Barnevelder, New Hamps- although Ive been told these can be quite flighty?


Any help would be so gratefully received!

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Pekins are fab for kids. DD loves her Yum-yum to bits, the wyandotte is far too aloof and doesn't like being handled so the kids are not interested in her at all.


Yum-yum lays lovely little tinted 30g eggs 4 days out of 5. I wish I'd have got more pekins at the time, I've totally fallen in love with them.



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Can definately recommend the speckle sussex for friendliness and knee hopping.

Daphne started hand feeding in a few days, followed swiftly by freckle.

She allowed my son (7) to pick her up for a cuddle yesterday. He was very chuffed!

They still aren't laying yet but are quite happy to come sit on your knee and nit pick your hair :oops::lol:.

Know exactly what you mean though we would still love some buff rocks and partridge pekins

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