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Chicken Licken

Introducing the new girls

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There was a lot of squawking and a bit of pecking yesterday and I took Fenny (original chook) out as she squawked so much. Put Fenny to bed in the eglu and scattered her with louse powder. Chased the new girls in with the broom and louse powdered them all and they all spent the night.

This morning Fenny squawked so I let her in the garden and the 2 new girls stayed in the run. Anyway they have free ranged together this evening in the omlet netting. fenny has been back in the garden for 30 mins quality time and I have now got all 3 together in the eglu run. There is no squawking or pecking. A bit of you move... no you move... no you move betweeen the Bovans Nera and Fenny. The speckeldy is very timid bless her. But all are eating and drinking and rubbing along nicely.


It all seems to be going well. I will get pics but need new batteries for the camera. My only slight concern is that the Bovans Nera may be a boy (convenient as she/ he is called Barry (don't ask!) :roll:

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