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U Ling

Woe is me !

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Or possibly Woo.


I seem to have lost my memory. Strange I can find no clue of what I am doing here. Sadly it seems I only posted once to this forum so there are no clues except perhaps I have apartment in Victoria ?


Also strange feeling someone is watching or following me.


If any of you friendly and helpful people can give me any information on my background or how I came to be here it would be most helpful. Of course any credible suggestions will be added to my signature.












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Users are asked to post as their registered username therefore this post has now been locked.



additional comment/plea from Phil...



Do us all a favour, Murdo - post as Murdo - it's as simple as that. You are as welcome as anyone else posting on here - but please cut out the silly aliases and the cryptic games - it's tiresome and has long since stopped being amusing...





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