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Mrs Blue Sky

Parsnip Soup

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Here's a really yummy parsnip soup recipe:

You need

Parsnips - 3 or 4, cut into chunks

Onions - 2 or 3, peeled and quartered

Garlic - to fit into the gaps between snips and onions



Veg stock


Chilli flakes or powder


Melt the butter in a saute pan that has a lid - I use quite a bit of butter, 2 oz or so. Pack the pan with parsnip chunks in a single layer, fit the onion quarters into the bigger gaps and the garlic cloves into the smaller gaps. Saute gently with the lid on until golden toasty bits happen to the veg - this is essential to the flavour - and turn them to get them as roasty as possible without burning. Then sprinkle over a dessertspoon of turmeric and as much chilli as you can handle - half a teaspoon of chilli flakes does it for me - and let that cook for a minute, and then add a tablespoon of flour and cook that off for a minute as well. then add a litre of stock, clap on the lid and let it cook until all is soft and fragrant. Then blend or liquidise - it looks unpromising until it is whizzed up, but then it goes the most beautiful golden colour and tastes FANTASTIC! You could use half stock half milk if you like, or add a bit of cream and get fat like me. It's gorgeous served up over a few cubes of cheese, then these go all melty when you eat it. It is supposed to be quite thick by the way. A winter warmer!

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