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The Perfect Weekend

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Sigh. Here I am in front of the snooker, Daisy the Whippet snoozing on an unfeasibly large cushion, a cat sat right up against the vent on the laptop washing herself busily, sun all day today, the kids are all in bed, a glass of red wine at my feet, DH is away camping with his mates straight from work for the weekend, no work turned up in my inbox ...


Only no chocolate - and I've yet to scan DH's (secret? HA!) suppy upstairs to see if he's left any - and I'll have to take the dog out at half ten, which is an hour after my natural collapse time.


Oh, and one child had a new pair of shoes today - four weeks after the last £36 pair! Grrrrr! Why do I feed dem children?

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1 No, but i found one og the childrens stash of easter eggs this morning


2 Errrrrrrrrr, have the box, but it's nearly empty


3 chookiehubbie rented Alien v's Predator for our Saturday film fest


4 Yes, but the cat has claimed it.......





Think I may need to put a bit of effort in before I'm ready for the perfect weekend!

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