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Bright Yellow Droppings

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This photo was sent to me by a customer who's chicken has been very ill indeed. The photo was also sent to an avian vet who said that it is NOT a normal dropping.




The sulphur yellow, bloodstained, foamy dropping is a sign of a disease called Blackhead or Histamonosis which is caused by a protozoan parasite infecting the gut.


Other symptoms of this disease include:



Loss of appetite

Poor growth

Darkened or blue tinged comb

Blood in faeces

Progressive depression and emaciation


Hens displaying these symptoms along with frequently occurring sulphur yellow, foamy and bloodstained droppings should be seen by a vet so that an appropriate wormer can be given. **Verm -X is NOT effective against this condition**


For more information on Histamonosis, see


The Poultry Site


Please note!...


There are other times when chickens produce yellowish droppings and these are quite normal. These droppings are the result of the caecal gland being evacuated and occur around every 10th dropping produced by your hen. They are described by some as "chip shop curry sauce" droppings are very smelly indeed. If your hen isn't displaying any of the symptoms listed above, there is nothing to worry about but if the droppings are regularly bright yellow or very watery, do get your hen checked out by a vet.


See this topic for more information.

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