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a very bad joke...............

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A frog walks into a bank and asks to speak to a loans officer.


A short while later, a man comes out to greet him and says "Hello, my names John Paddywack, and I understand you want to borrow some money....first I'll need your name"


The frog replies "Kermit Jagger"


The loans officer asks "As in Mick Jagger?"


The frog replies "He's my father"


The loans officer responds "Interesting.....what do you have for collateral?"


The frog shows him a ceramic pig.


The loans officer takes the pig, excuses himself, and goes to see the bank manager. He tells him there is a frog in his office who wants to borrow money, but all he has is this ceramic pig he's now holding.


To which the bank manager replies...


"It's a knick-knack, Paddywack, give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

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