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Cate in NZ

Hi Dan

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I live in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

If you look in the gallery there is a picture of me and it is titled Walmley chooks 8)


Marmelade GNR


Matilda (Matty) PP




Oh and by the way Man u rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kool it looks well good and ur garden is well good i wish my garden was that good it is smothered with chicken poo :oops:

my chickens go mental like for example one jumped and wacked his head on the table and broke my dads glass of wine.

and the poos are really minging lookin wat bout ur chickens poo

(a intresting conversation)

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Last week my family and my mates family came round to have a BBQ. We had got all the stuff out and my dad started the Bar-B-Q. My mom put a bowl of salad on the table for everyone. :P We all started eating our dinner when Marmelade jumped onto the table and started eating the cabbage. Me and my mom tried to grab her but she knocked over a few glasses! :evil: In the end though she jumped off the table with a piece of cabbage for her and Matty.

Do you have any pictures in the gallery :?:

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Sorry I stopped replying the other night Dan, my Mum went a bit mental, she thinks I must write properly with correct spellings and that, and she seems to think that because this is a mainly grown up forum I should write nicely, and not talk about poo too much :roll::roll::roll:

So I'm dead sorry if I offended any one that reads this and I'll try to spellcheck this but I do know how to write, it's just loads quicker if you use abreviations :wink:

My chickens are 8) , but they do poo a lot, and Mum can go as mental as she likes at that one, because it really is true honest. And I don't like eggs that much, but they're OK if they're hard in the middle.

Seb, 13 & 8)

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I liked your story about Marmelade. Chickens can be stoopid sometimes can't they.

We've not got photos in the gallery yet. We don't have a digital camers because my Dad has a really good one at work that he borrows sometimes, and it's a lot better than he says we can afford to buy but he keeps forgetting to bring it home even though we ask him to. When he does remember i'll get some pictures on the gallery too

Seb 13 & 8)

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