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I've got a blog...HELP!

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Well I have just got me a blog, 3rd time lucky!! It's a tool I want to use for me and also for my clients. Having told them all via email I would like any ideas you can think that will help me, being a techno numpty!!


I have tried twice to get photo's and it said it was uploading them and finished but I had no photo :shock: the next time the page could not be displayed (this is blog spot or whatever it's called! :oops: )


I want to get as many pics as poss and also just have a day in the life sort of thing. I can use it when I train in march to record the experience..both good and bad!


Hope you can help me, I'm obviously quite capable of doing this but I am not really into technology enough to sit, read all the instructions and try to figure it out :wink::lol:



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Imy's blog is with blog spot, and we've had problems adding photos from time to time, often when she tries to load too many photos at once, and possibly at times when their site is busy (too many people uploading at once :?:?:? ). It does take a few minutes for the completed post and photos to be displayed though... for that reason she's occasionally added a photo twice, thinking that it hasn't loaded the first time.

Generally it's just a matter of selecting the picture and clicking upload, which it does very easily- when the site's in the right mood. In my opinion it's worth uploading the pictures first, remembering to put them in the right order, so that you upload the one you want to be last on the page first as they slip down the page as you add them, then add in the text around them, as we've not yet found a way of moving the pictures around the text, without deleting them and starting again :roll:

That reminds me, Imy has a load of new hen pics that need adding. She asked me for help at weekend and I forgot :oops:

Good luck with it Buffie. It's quite frustrating at first, but does get quite a lot easier with practice.

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