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Four legged chicken

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Just read this wierd thing on aol :

AolHome>News>World news>Chick it out:Four -legged beast


It resembles the result of a terrible experiment but the owner of a four-legged chicken denies fowl play.


New Zealand's Waikato Times newspaper reported that Ryan Dickey, 10, found the four-legged chick around an incubator at his home near the city of Hamilton on Monday.


His mum, Marlene, breeds 14 types of chickens and said it was the first time she'd seen one hatch with four legs.


The chick, yet to be named, is a Barnevelder chicken, a Dutch breed.


Mrs Dickey said other lesser legged chicks had accepted it without a problem.


He looks really robust and strong, he's good, he's just cruising along."


The chick uses its bottom two legs to walk on. The family plan to keep it as a pet.


Researchers have found four-legged chickens are not unheard of but Poultry Industry Association executive director Mike Brooks said they were as rare as hens' teeth.


Other four-legged chickens had been reported in Romania and Saudi Arabia.


Hamilton vet Keith Houston said in the Dickey's chick case, stem cells in the egg had divided into four instead of two, meaning an extra pair of legs.




How bizarre!!!!



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:?:? I'm sure I read someting in the Telegraph this morning about a test for Dementia. If a patient saw a chicken and drew it straight away, it was a good drawing. If there was a delay of 10 seconds between seeing the chicken and being able to draw, it started to resemble a turkey with a frilly tail, and after a longer delay (I can't remember how long) the patient drew a chicken with 4 legs.


Strange that both stories should come up on the same day! :?:?

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