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mary dulson


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:twisted: Has anyone else found they have bought the most expensive slug house imaginable?

I bought my Eglu and 2 little lion head rabbits (long haired), last month. My only complaint is the number of huge and small slugs attracted to it throughout the wet August we have just had. Our introductory handling of our terrified bunnies has centered primarily on pulling stuck slugs from their fur each morning. Not sure who this is worse for; them or me!

Any advice about how to stop this driving us all mad? clearly i cant use chemicals, and as they are coming in from all angles, it's impractical to surround the whole eglu with gravel, or egg shells, or sunken pots of beer! :twisted:

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Hi there


I can't offer any help but more that I would be interested myself in seeing if anyone can come up with anything as this is also something we are suffering with!


We only seem to be getting the huge ones and quite frankly, slugs make my stomach churn! :vom:


If I do find something though, I'll let you know.


Good luck!

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Hi there


I also have two beautiful lionhead rabbits who are young, and since my eglu is on concrete and my yard quite old, I have the slug problem too. However, I (and the little ones) are fortunate enough not to have had any stick to them. The best way for you to keep slugs away (and sorry to any insect/bug lovers ou there) is to surround the outer area with slug pellets. I have put down slug pellets around the perimeter of my eglu (not too close to the run but a good distance surrounding it and near the walls. Any slugs trying to come close to the eglu and the run will eat the pellets and they will die, the god thing is that they dry up and become very thin, so are easily swept away..you dont have to worry about anything slimy to clean.


I have found this to be most effective around my eglu (and trust me the slugs around the concrete are disgusting especially while its raining these days.


Use the slug pellets, but make sure they do not fall into the run or too near where curous rabbits can eat them.


Hope it helps your bunnies :wink:

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There are some other solutions instead of pellets which could be safer.


Here's a page compiled by the Centre for Alternative Technology: http://www.cat.org.uk/ihateslugs/bugtheslug.tmpl?key=** - especially worth clicking 'barriers'


Personally I give the slugs to the chickens but this doesn't work so well with bunnies.



PS I had a bit of trouble formatting this message. If cutting and pasting the weblink do include the **.




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