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Rearing chicks

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Hi Guys,


I have put a couple of pictures into a new album link below to show a makeshift chick rearing pen/setup.




It is a ring of corrugated card the join is taped on both sides to stop chicks getting trapped with a dull emitter red light above for heat 8)


I'm afraid that is all I have apart from close ups of the chicks which I have already posted somewhere :roll:


The lead you can see in one of the pictures is a digital fridge thermometer which is trailed in to monitor the temperature at the edges :wink:


This needs to be placed in a draft free place but is easy to move about as it is only sides and the base as you can see is shavings but if you are worried you can use sheets of newspaper this will be fine for them for a few weeks you can make a biggger pen as they grow. :shock:


I wish I had better pics but I only have 4 in total :oops:


At least this can be placed anywhere so no noisy chicks in the bedroom. The one thing that has to be watched out for is the water supply unsupervised they are very good at drowning themselves so you have to get a balance between them always having water and it not being deep enough to drown :cry: If you give them a tray rather than a water container for chicks please put something in the middle a stone or something so they can only get at water round the edge of the dish rather than the whole thing :?


I hope this is helpful to those about to become mummies :lol:


The green stuff is animal ink by the way as I had them hatch over a couple of days and I wanted to know who was older :lol:


Mods if you think this should be in chickens please move it I put it here as the discussion about Martins imminent arrival was here and I wanted to show him how to avoid no sleep because of cheeping :lol:

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Brilliant! We all know who to come to for advice now!


BUT - 1st January 1970! I guess the date isn't set on the camera - or you were well ahead of technology as a baby! Were you even born? :shock:


And why are you at work AGAIN! That's the second day this week!

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I never set the date on my camera but the pictures are about 2 years old :lol:


It is really easy I hadn't done any chick rearing since college about ten years before and I only lost one to drowning and a few eggs didn't hatch :cry: After the drowning I got the proper mini water trough you can see the mushroom looking thingy but a stone in a dish will do the same job :roll: Mine is now redundant as it is too small for adults 8)


The hardest bit is getting the humidity right for them to hatch at all :wink: Even some comercial incubators aren't great but most of the modern ones are very good 8)


Don't ask why I am at work Ginette :evil: Called in :roll:

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