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re training chickens

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its really funny, 'cos gerty never took to laying in the eglu, now we have 2 and the wooden one we made has been locked and is not available for her to lay in, she is'nt sure what to do.


do i go in the green one or the red one? errrrr lets try them all and see what happens. she is still not sure and i have no idea which one will have her egg in.


last night was fun, as the old wooden sleeping box was still there but with the door shut and the ladder gone they still kept looking at it waiting for the ladder to reappear so they could go to bed. funny to watch but not very funny for gerty. nuggett and henno gave it up as a bad job and went to bed in the red eglu. gerty and noodle "errrrrrrrrrrr where we going to sleep tonight" mode! after some torch shining in the new green eglu they got the idea and off to sleep they went. what will happen tonight i wonder?

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