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Eating Disorders in schools

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I have my first meeting with schools on monday, 7 schools attending, and I am going to launch Emma's Charter. I have been helping a family, for about 4 years, who set up a trust in memory of their daughter 'Emma'. She died of complications associated with Bulimia and anorexia she was 21 :(


I decided that a voluntary charter would be a fitting way for Emma to be remembered, she was helping others with the illness before she tragically died. The charter will basically give any boy or girl with weight, food related issues a safe place to go in school to ask for help, leaflets, help lines and basic information. I also want a 'body tollerant' policy in these schools, all children are worthy no matter of weight, shape or size and 'diet' references discouraged from schools and info for parents. It's a tall order but why not?


If you have any ideas to add or experiences that I could use as examples please get in touch with me. Also has anyone seen the mags aimed at young girls? I would like the views of parents here.


Thanks you lot and to all those who have already sent me PM's you have been a great help :D


Have a great weekend, :D


Nervous Buff xxx

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That sounds like a fantastic idea Buffie :D


I usually work one to one with pupils with special needs and during PE they sometimes find the changing rooms more off putting than the lesson itself :(


although I'm not sure how this can be changed, any help towards making pupils and indeed anyone with image issues will be a step in the right direction. :D


karen x

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Hi karen, that's a good place for teachers to notice if children are having problems, thanks for that.


The schools have asked for me to go in so I am guessing they have a problem and I am so pleased they want to bring this subject into the open.



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