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Re-heating Haggis

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Depends how you like it really :lol:


If you boil it then it will be quite heavy as some of the water will be absorbed 8)


Oven will take quite a long time and needs to be quite low to make sure it is properly cooked through but it will be quite dry and light :wink:


Microwave is quick and it will be dry and light but you must take it out of the skin before you start and keep stirring (every 30 secs) or it won't cook evenly and you might get some hard bits if you are not careful :D


My personal choice is the microwave :lol:

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I always steam haggis. A large one takes about an hour and a half. I find any excess fat then drips through the steamer into the water. Haggis cooked this way isn't dry but hasn't gone soggy either! Just make sure the pot doesn't boil dry or you might have an exploding haggis :oops:


Different makes can vary hugely in texture and flavour, so I guess best cooking methods might vary. Personally I favour Macsween's haggis - they even make a veggie version which is nice but doesn't taste like haggis!


The best ones are those caught on the hillside. I'm sure you know that haggis can only run one way round hills as they have longer legs on one side. If you can makei them run in the opposite direction they loose their balance and fall off, makin it easier to catch.



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