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Stale Poultry Grain Warning for other pets!!!

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Hello Omleteers,


A customer has passed on a warning which I would like to share with you to avoid any of you having to deal with the same consequences as he has.


The customer's dog managed to eat a few stale grains of poultry food which had been spilled and left on the ground when the coop was moved to a new position in the garden. Shortly afterwards, the dog became very ill indeed with toxic poisoning and ended up on a drip at the vets for 3 days. It was touch and go whether the dog would survive. Fortunately it has but may have lasting liver damage and it has been a very expensive and frightening experience for its owner :( .


Please be aware that stale grains in poultry food can be fatal to pets.


Make sure that poultry feeders are cleaned out regularly and if you have other pets, ensure that any spilled mouldy food is cleaned away promptly to prevent it from being eaten.

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