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Update on introductions.

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My 3 new ones kept breaking in to join Ginger who gives them all a neck peck and chases them around the WIR. Last night I let them free range before bed and threw water at Ginger to let her know neck pecking isn't nice, then separated them for bed. I (green eglu)GNRGNRGNRGNR dried Ginger before putting her in.

Today all 4 seemed to need the egg box in the eglu at the same time. In the end I removed Ginger and she laid her egg in her night time bed in the summer house. After much noise and flapping up and down the ladder to the eglu all 3 laid.

For the future do I just let them sort themselves out for turns in the egg box or would another box in the eglu with the usual shredded paper help? At the moment I feel like a full time chicken mummy. Quite nice really.

Any personal experiences would be appreciated.

many thanks.

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