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Advice please, integrating new chicken and Eglu

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Hi there,


I have a new ex battery hen that I am integrating with my other two. They free range during the day with the odd peck, but not too bad.


I have had the new one for about four weeks now, she was, and still is in some way, oven ready, but her neck is now fully feathered and she is alot better than she was when I first got her.


I plan to put her in the Eglu tonight with the others, but was wondering if I should keep the Eglu door open so she can 'escape' from the others if necessary?


What do you think?



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Have not been brave enough to integrate my girls yet! whenever we let the two 'gangs' free range together it ends in a fight. We are moving them to separate but side-by-side areas at the weekend (with no mans land or no-chickens land - between them). Will eventually take away the netting and let them fight it out once and for all.


However I would keep the door closed if that is what they are used to, but perhaps let them out a bit earlier. If it stays darkish in the eglu they probably won't bother to get up from their comfy beds....? We have been leaving doors open and ours seem to be getting up at 4.30 - do you really want to be disturbed that early if skirmishes start?

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