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ok she is broody again I think! ***updated***

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she is sitting on six eggso



h she getting attached to the eggs again I think its day 2 or 3 that shes been like this!! she always gose broody last year she went broody almost every other month hencs (sp?) her name!!



Dose anyone know where in kent I can get some fertiles eggs?? I did a phone round latst year with no luck! If push comes to shove I can get come in Asford but its an hour drive and just for eggs I would rarther try somewhere maybe closer! I will go anywhere if I have to!



I would be greatful for any help!!!!




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wow, how eggciting! glad you found some eggs ... not sure I could cope with the risk that some of them will be cockerels!


i asked the farm if they would take the cockrels! they said yes and they would find homes for them! fingers crossed i hope it wont be the plate!



i would like to keep one cocrell anyway! naigbours hopefully wont complain! no halm in trying.

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