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jonathan H

Grand Designs - your help needed!

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Can you help?


I have had an eglu for over a year now, and the chickens free range for most of the day (not by choice) I have also created a temporary pen, which neither looks great or is a barrier to the amazing escaping ladies...


So I am looking to make something more permanent. I have searched the web and only found very functional designs.


So the question is, has anyone got any pictures of any unusual designs, ideas on using unusual materials, or new ideas which could be incorporated into my pen. I would like to incorporate at least one tree, bushes, shrub and maybe some herbs...


any ideas and suggestions much appreciated...


Many thanks Jonathan

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Hi Bellekatz


I've just taken a brief tour of all those wonderful pens... they are absolutely fantastic.. I'll have a longer look tonight..


I saw two or three which looked ideal..,


I'll be sure to post my pictures of the pen as it develops and grows..


Thanks J

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