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a couple of things....

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Counting the days down to my eglu cube delivery next Tuesday, got a call from James to say there's been a delay, can I call back. So I did and it appears that the floods have affected production at the factory. My delivery had been delayed :cry: . Now I've been VERY patient as it was ordered at the beginning of May so when I spoke to Omlet, I pointed this out and they were as helpful as they could so now I've got a date of the 17th and they will come and put it up for me! :D

So.....rash decision, I've added a couple of chooks to come with it - hope I've done the right thing!!!! :shock: I did want to show & tell at the Ryton do but looks like I won't be now. Never mind.


Secondly, an observation. Briefly, we back on to open land at the bottom of our garden. Foxes live there so chooks don't go out unless we're around all other time the foxwatch is on.

For the past few weeks I have been observing said fox family who frequent both my next door neighbours gardens - bu not ours. In the late evening hubby saw no less than 6 cubs on next doors lawn.

Does this mean our foxwatch well and truly works or are we just lucky and the cubs haven't found the chooks yet ????????(Not that I want them to obviously!!!!) I'll leave you to ponder.

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