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Nedz bedz - has anyone tried it?

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Hi, I can get hemcore from my nearest feed stockist, but when I called to ask about it the lady said she sells a lot more nedz bed to chicken owners these days. It is a bedding like hemcore made really for horses but does the same job for chickens. She said she keeps hens and she prefers the nedz bed !? (It looks like cut down straw and wood, all compacted in a bale - sorry about rubbish description. Haven't seen hemcore coz although she can order it she only keeps the nedz bed in all the time)

Just wondered does anyone use this "nedz bed" or has anyone heard anything about it ? I don't know if it has citronella in it like hemcore does? It is cheaper than hemcore but I am more concerned about getting the right stuff rather than the cost.


Thanks :?


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same here pinkkat !!

I think the place where I went said it was better coz they keep it in all the time and also that it's cheaper. But I too would love to hear from anyone who has tried, or is using nedz bed for their hens.

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How are you finding this Nedz bedding please? I went to the local feed suppliers today to get Hemcore and they don't sell it (despite being listed on the Hemcore website as a supplier). They sold me some Nedz Pro instead - oilseed rape fibre with manuka to repel flies. I'm wondering if it will be as good? Or do I go elsewhere in search of Hemcore or Aubiose?

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