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Garden Helpers - Lawn Scarification by Chickens?

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My lawn is in a real state and in need of renovation. I had an idea that the chickens could help with this, with all the scratching and pooing they do in the run. I reckon if I gradually cover my lawn by moving the run to a different area every 2 weeks, and reseeding the balding patches, I could have a lush lawn without the hard work of mosskillers/feed/raking/spiking etc..


Has anyone else thought of or tried this and what have the results been like? What's the best method of doing this?

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It will work if you move the Eglu every couple of days, and not return to the original spot for about 6 weeks.


You'd have to have a heck of a lawn to achieve this.


It is amazing how much thatch they remove if you leave them to do this.

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Think you'd have to move the eglu much more often than every two weeks - leave it that long and you'll have craters!

When we only had one eglu, I moved it every day(good for the muscles!) and the lawn has survived 6 months like that. We have two lawns, laid at the same time with the same turf, and the one the chickens have access to is much, much healthier looking. But you do have to look where you are walking :lol:

My girls have free ranging time out of the run, and they use their own dustbath under some bushes; if they don't have access to bare soil they'll dig holes in your lawn.

Hope this helps.

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My run gets moved along a bit (couple of feet sideways) every 3 or so days. Mine scratch the lawn under the feeder where they throw their feed onto the ground. But I can see the strips of dark green grass growing where they were a few weeks ago and the scratched lawn comes back of its own accord. Only had mine a few months so not sure what will happen when the back garden is a quagmire in winter.....

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