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I looked up an 'old' yoghurt making forum

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I was really interested reading the forum about making yoghurt at home - something I used to do a lot but put on weight when we got addicted to the soya milk one.


Question is - can you give this home made yoghurt to chickens as I have read somewhere that you all seem to mix some bio in their food for a treat.


It must be so much cheaper and more convenient to give them home made.


So if yes is the answer, then would you make it with UHT, full fat, skimmed, fresh, soya. ???

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Hi Janet,


Yes, you can give yogurt to the chickens and it's very good for them. I sometimes remember to make some and mix it in with their layers mash. I always use UHT milk as it makes a nicer yogurt and we've always got some cartons lurking in the Emergency Cupboard "just in case"! They like it, they really do!


Excellent blog today, by the way! Hope you get the windfalls!

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Thanks Kate - no windfalls left a message for you in the comments box


I am now dusting the Lakeland yoghurt maker and will get OH to stock up on the UHT - might as well get started asap. Then just have to save a bit for the next lot huh?


Fancy muesli yoghurt to start with.


Any one got a use for a juicer? That is gathering dust too, but a dare say it will be resurrected next summer.


Off to browse - this is great fun.

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I just use a tablespoonful of Yeo Valley plain organic then after that just reserve a tablespoonful of the current yoghurt. (Or more, doesn't really matter too much I found)


The soya one sets really really thick and creamy and I put it into those little pots that you can get at Lakeland,about small yoghurt pot size. Then I put them in the fridge and pour on what i fancy. (I always leave a gap at the top)


Chopped up fresh fruit

Frozen berries

Runny honey






home made jam or lemon curd

apricots chopped up ditto dates


Anything you fancy. I also use it like cream and add dollops to home made soup, stew, curry, etc etc


I am sure more ideas will be coming along after mine.


I suppose you are going to tell me that the chickens would like all of those on the list except the cooked things.


And to think that I read that chickens cost 50p each a week to keep. Those ones must have just been eating pellets.

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