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First egg and more mr fox

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We let the girls out into their run at 6 this morning and as I was having a shower I heard lots of clucking and got out to find a fox lunging at the netting! It came through yet another hole which is right by the house, putting a stop to our ideas about just keeping an eye on them from the kitchen window. They wil now only be out when we are out. It's hard to stay out for long when it's pouring with rain though! I need to get a run extension for when i can't get out for long. I've posted on secondhand but haven't heard anything. If anyone has one for sale let me know! If not i'll have to get new but can't afford that until the end of August.


Good news today too...Doris laid her first egg!!!! It's tiny (under 50g) but we are so excited! Just have to decide how to eat it now!

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Sorry to hear that jellyb, but better to find out about the fox that way, than when it was too late. Your girls will be fine in the run, although it's worth getting a converter when you can as it gives lots more space.


I let mine out when I can be in the garden, which is fairly limited, but they are healthy and happy, and I'd rather have hens that don't free-range much, than no hens.


Congratulations on the egg, shows that the fox didn't bother them too much!

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