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After moving the cube today my girls were dust bathing.... Chips was on her back with both fet in the air at one point and making a strange noise.... almost a purr.....


Anyone else have chooks that do this?


I tried to get a photo but wasn't very successful - they associate me with food and food beats any other activity! I even had Chips standing on my knee at one point when I was sitting on the back step.


One of today's eggs weighs 102g ... a double yolker I think.... making up for no eggs yesterday.


Helen in Hume

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yes, mine purr - was very confused as to where the noise was coming from, the first time I heard it!


Mine also associate me with food and come charging towards me, however they have a very short attention span and I've discovered that if you are willing to remain absolutely still for a minute or so, they will wander off again and forget about you :lol:

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I've yet to see my chickens take a dust bath :(:(:( . When I got them I provided them with a large pink trug with play sand in - I've seen them stand in it but never have a bath :roll: Even when they free range they're far too busy scratching away to have time to bath :!: They're only young so I guess there is time for them to catch up.

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