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Will the bully ever lay again ?

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Summary: 2 omlet hens arrived & started laying almost immediately, decided to add 2 new pulletts, who were bullied by Freckle, the now obvious dominant hen. Introduced them slowly keeping them sepaate then into the eglu together after a nearby fox attack. All 4 hens getting on OK but with an obvious pecking order. Speckle lays every other day or so, but Freckle has stopped completely (now for about 3 weeks). Pullets are still growing well (now about 17 weeks old, although 1 is a bit more mature that the other)


They are all scoffing pellets at a rate, get spring greens every other day (as they only free range for a few hours in the evening) and get corn and mealworms as treats to go to bed with.


Question :?: will Freckle ever lay again ? She seems well, she eats well, her pooh is ok(what hen does a perfect pooh every time ?).


I dont mind the lack of eggs but it would be nice to have a few more. :roll:

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Thanks....I do give them their own shells baked & crushed (I am the recycling police in our house !), but as you can imagine I am not getting too many eggs, grit has been given to supplement the shell. Poultry spice next then ! All the girls are on layers and woolfing it down.

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