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Not laying in the box and egg eating

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Posted this on FAQ and no response, so if anyone has any ideas, scobbies (as in scobby do, clue), or anything to tell me I am not going mad, would appreciate it.


The girls are both laying, and about a week ago Treacle went from laying pullet sized eggs to bigger eggs.


Biscuit was a littl way behind in the laying stakes. She started laying in the nesting box, no problems. But a few days ago there was one of her eggs in the run. Didn't collect it (dashing back to work), then it disappeared, didn't think anything of it. Saw then next one collected it. Next one was there, and then gone. And the next day, I found a broken egg actually in the dropping tray (did they get it in there and just sort of swoshed it in).


So... what do I do ? Do a get an egg,blow it, fill it with mustard and other horrid bits and put it in the run ? Do I get a china egg and put it in the nesting box to give Biscuit a clue where to go ? Might she want to lay the same time as Treacle, but Treacle has already got bags on the nesting box.


And.... have managed to pick them up several times. Treacle loves it, Biscuit complains and shouts at me




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hiya, are they laying soft shelled eggs? if they are they are easly broken and the curious girls cant resist a nibble. if you think they are then add some mixed poultry grit to their diet. i would put an egg like object in the nesting box e.g a golf ball or a round stone as a gentle hint. i would use the egg filled with mustard as a last resort though.

hope this helps :D

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A rubber egg in the nest may help her realise the correct place and I have just read a little pepper in egg, mixed may deter. it's easier to prevent that cure but make the nest appealing. We use newspaper.


They wil get used to being handled just keep in contact with them and they'll be like little dogs :D


Importantly collect regularly so she can't eat them and may lose interest. This isn't something I've experienced to be honest. I also wonder if the egg in the drooping tray was a broken egg, soft shell egg. Increase calcium perhaps as I wonder if the appeal is the shell (full of calcium) :?



Hope this helps and sorry i haven't been around to reply :wink:



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Thanks for teh suggestions.


They are getting lots of grip (have a 4.5 kg sack, and when I put pallets in the feeder, I put in some grit). Shells (so far), have been really thick sorts a bit rude :oops: , but of a suitable thickness.


Didn't think of them being curious, curisous is not the word, the pecked eldest dogs paws three times on Saturday thinking she was food (she wasn't amused).


Will place an object in the nesting box, see if that encourages Biscuit.


Don't worry, will keep everybody updated, ad nauseum !




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