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Duck Starter Crumb

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Hi Folks


Hoping you can help me with this.... I'm looking for a duck starter crumb and then grower pellet.


I know that I can use a chick starter crumb if all else fails but I'd rather not if I can help it.


Does anyone know where I can get some from ... preferably less than 20kg as I'm only likely to have at most 5 ducklings!!


thanks in advance


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not a chance. they're runner so they only stay on chick crumbs for two weeks maximum before it gets mixed with grower pellets.


20kg of layer pellets lasts two chickens and a duck (not to mention a labrador who cleans the bowl out each night!) about three months.


I realise there will be more wastage given that it will get soggy and they'll stand in it and stuff but still. 20KG of crumbs is a hell of a lot!!


anyway... suppliers?!

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I think the panic may be over. Someone on Practical Poultry told me they ordered theirs online from GJW Titmus. I googled them and it turns out that they're not far from here at all so I think I'll take a little drive (work is quiet!) and see what they've got.


thanks for the suggestions tho!

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