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Bottom feather pecking!

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I have 10 hens now of varying ages and descriptions - and I've noticed quite a bit of pecking of bottom feathers of three of the birds - I never see the culprit(s) and it doesn't seem to be stopping any of them laying, but it does look a bit sore and I would like to stop it if possible.


I seem to remember reading ages ago about this on the forum, but can't find a relevant strand at the moment. Is there something I can put on their bottoms to make them less delectable?



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Hi Karen


You can try anti peck spray that you get from pet shops (although I never found it too successful).

Tea tree oil mixed with water and spray on the area will be antiseptic and tastes horrible too ! You will have to reapply quite often though.


Good luck - if you can manage to find out the culprit (s) you may have to fit a bumper bit, I found once they start feather pulling it becomes a long term habit.

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