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How much food for my bantams????

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Hello, can anyone help? I have three 12 week old bantams and seem to be throwing away so much food. I give them a mix of chick crumbs and corn but they don't seem to like the grub container. I started giving them some on an open plate and they show more interest. Every night though I throw most of both containers away. I am filling the grub one about a quater full and covering a dinner size plate with a sprinkle of food as well. Am I giving them too much choice of container or do they have really small tummies and not need very much. I don't like to think of them going hungry. They also roam around the garden for about 5 hours a day pecking about.Any guidance on food quantities would be appreciated.

Thank you.

(blue eglu)

GNR Nell

GNR Gertrude

Blinky PP

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Hiya, I have a 12 week old and a 9 week old bantam chick, and they wat chick crumbs from a feed hopper so the food ends up at floor level. I think th grub and glug are FAR too big for little bantie chicks!! They could get lost in them!


They will pick up alot from the garden, but I always think its best to leave ad lib food out for them to peck at if they require. They will not need the chick crumbs after the age of about 18 - 20 weeks, so they will need using!


Banties will eat less than a big hen anyway.

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