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Eglu is now in permanent place, but...

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Bonjour tout le monde!

a few days ago i put my eglu in a permanent place, with bark and hemcore, and some decorations of some sort, it looks lovely...yes but...

since it has been there, my chooks don't naturally go to sleep in it...

my wife or i find them crouched beside our backdoor, which is the complete opposite of where the eglu is now.

once we put them in, they look fine and they roost on the bars or stay in the nest...

it is just that the past three evening, they didnot go in t by themselves...


they still lay their eggs in it without a problem...


has any one got any experience that would help here?


Merci beaucoup,


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I think it does throw them a bit when you change the position of their eglu. Mine were a bit confused when I moved mine from one side of the garden to the other. And even more confused when I put hens out of the purple eglu into the green one and vice versa :? But they get the message eventually :D They are very much creatures of habit!

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