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pecking order

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Could anyone advise us on pecking order. We got our first two hens three days ago, ever since they have been here one has been attacking the other, not allowing it to eat, drink or lie down.

They seem to be ok together inside the eglu, just not in the run.

We did not want to interfere but are worried that one is not looking very healthy.

What could we do?


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It is normal behaviour...but not easy for the hen keeper to observe.


Put out three food and water "stations"....the aggressor can only man two at any given time. This will enable the more timid hen to eat and drink.


Or you could separate them for brief periods for the same reason.


Some people suggest using a super soaker water pistol or hose pipe to startle the aggressor out of attacks.


It will settle.......just keep an eye on things.

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provide several 'food & watering stations' in different areas of the run

(your bully chook can only eat at one at a time, the other will get chances to snatch a bite and drink at the other)


You can also provide some logs to perch on, bully will hop up there (acting all superior :wink: ) and leave the other to her own devices for a bit.


Some distractions? an old cd strung from the bars........a corn on the cob or cabbage strung up to peck at (not so high that they have to jump though)


scatter some corn or raisins in the floor of the run for them to scratch about for, if they are well spread out, both girls will have the chance to get some.


Rotten isn't it? :?

Good luck, here's hoping they settle down soon :D

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