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Lone quail

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Hi, am not doing very well with the 3 quail I am looking after for someone. Had one PTS last Saturday after an eye infection and we have been battling with a fox each night which last night was successful and killed one still in the hutch through the bars.


So, we have one sad little one left. Should I get a new one as a friend or is it ok on it's own? It looks like it might be missing it's mates. I am going to take measures tonight to stop the fox. It's ignoring the fox watch so we need to up our game.


Any advice on my lonely foster quail

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I think that as with many animals quail prefer to have company but be prepared that quail can be quite vicious towards each other so introductions can be a little tricky.

In my experience you simply never know as sometimes they turn on each other almost instantly ( often quite obvious as they will chase and peck each other and often draw blood) at other times it can be a breeze with no issues. It pays to either be very vigilant when first introducing or to take it slowly possibly by putting a partition in at first.

Also do you happen to know if the remaining quail us a cockerel or a hen?

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