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What a racket!!!!

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Yesterday I found red mite in my wooden chicken house :shock::shock::shock: - I'm so upset as I've been so meticulous keeping the house and the girls clean and I've used red mite powder every time I've cleaned them out. I went down to clean the whole thing out this morning - scrubbed every nook and cranny with Jeyes fluid and then sprayed the red mite powder everywhere, put fresh newspaper and straw down but in the middle of all this the girls wanted to lay :roll: - not a problem - I respectfully got myself a cup of tea and sat and waited patiently - not good enough for Beth - after half an hour I attempted to get back inside again - you should have heard the commotion - for one brief second I thought I had a cockerel :shock: - the sqwauking was unbelievable and she wouldn't shut up :roll: I went away and sat for another half an hour - still no joy and still the noise continued - so since it was threatening to rain I had to take her out of the nesting box and put her into the run with some corn whilst I got on. She was happy as Larry and carried on scratching away - about an hour later she laid an egg in a nice clean nesting box :lol::lol:

Now the only problem is to get rid of the flippin' red mite :x:x:x

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I know how you feel, i had them a while back, they went everywhere, we were crawling in them :vom::vom::vom: , they seem to end up everywhere,


We were itching for days, thankfully they ahve all gone now. (fingers crossed, ) but things are looking better, /


After being completely dusted with Diacom, and everything else i could find i think we are winning x


Good Luck x

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