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Poorly Hen - 3 Eggs in 1 Day!!

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Has anyone please got any advice for us? One of our girls layed a normal egg this morning and 12 hours later looked very uncomfortable and poorly. She was all fluffed up and moving very slowly. A few minutes later she layed a second (soft shell) egg and a third yolk with no membrane or shell! There was blood that also came out and she has blood on her bottom feathers. She won't let me get any closer to have a proper look and I won't want to hurt her. She's still puffed up and looking very poorly

Does anyone have any advice please? 3 eggs in 1 day must be uncomfortable for any chook.

Thank you.

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Laying softies is very uncomfortable for chickens and makes them really feeling poorly. So no wonder she’s not very happy.

If her bottom is very mucky, you should have a go at cleaning it. Some use a mild baby shampoo and some luke warm water.

But having laid her eggs, she should perk up again if nothing else major is going on.

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Yes I can imagine it's not nice for them. Luckily she's very clean - the cleanest of our hens.

Do you know how long it takes for them to feel better after laying soft eggs?

We've separated her from the others because we've had pecking in the past and particularly since she's got blood around her vent we thought best take no chances. 

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