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Broody hen and fertilised eggs in English cube

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We have 2 hens, one of which has been broody for a week or so. I’ve just ordered some fertilised eggs for her to sit on....and have a few questions.

Can I keep both hens in the Eglu cube? They’re best buds so don’t really want to separate them.

The eglu is raised. Do I need to adapt it somehow to keep the chicks safe? I’ll fill the poop tray, so the chicks don’t fall through the bars, but anything else?

I’ll need to sort chick food and water out. Where do I put it and what do I put it in?

The chickens are currently free range. I suppose once the chicks hatch I’ll have to keep the run closed to mum and chicks, just let the other hen out? For how long though?

Anything else I need to do or know to make things easier for the chicks and mum?

Thank you!

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