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Golden Pencilled Hamburg good as a pet???

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Hi does anyone have experience of keeping Golden Pencilled Hamburgs? I have been offered one as a chick to keep mine company but am unsure as I have read they don't really like human contact and are very flighty? I really need to get my chick some company so if anybody has any good experiences with this breed I would really appreciate it!!!


Many thanks

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I have a gold campine, they look very similar to the hamburgh and are also supposed to be flighty. She is very confident and friendly, always the one the children will pick up and carry round. If you get her young and get her used to handling that may help. I'd say don't let it put you off - it's worth a try. But obviously there are no guarentees with any hen - they are all individual after all. :lol:

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Hiya, um I'm not really sure. This is what my "handy chicken book" says:



"The Hamburgh is not an owner friendly bird. In fact, it prefares to avoid human contact altogether if possable. This is a filghty breed, and the birds love to be left alone to forrage. On the whole, they are best left to the experienced keeper."


Day to day:

"They are active birds and good flyers, and they are easily spooked. They are hardy, but hens do not make good broodies, and the breed doesn't like close confinement."


But I suppose if it had been handled at a young age then it would be fine. I would get it anyway, fo the other chick.


Good luck


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