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Urgently need Experienced Chicken Vet Please.

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Hello chickens' lovers.

I’m desperate Â đŸ˜«đŸ˜­Â to find a chickens vet. with serious experience on operating on birds and solving complicated illnesses. Someone who is also compassionate, caring and a honest person, ideally located in the South East of England. I live in South East London but I don’t mind travel even few hours, if the vet actually has experience in chickens.

My beloved hen developed egg problems, so it was decided she needed to have a 6 months implant to stop her laying eggs, but she suffered bad side effect from the implant. Sadly just after a year from the implant, she started to lay internally. So this time, she was booked for a salpingohysterectomy. Unfortunately the operation was performed 2x in the past 5 months as the Vet at the Trinity Center in Maidstone didn’t remove her uterus correctly and she continued to ovulate without oviduct! I have find out about it, 2 months after the operation, when her abdomen swell in the scar tissue area. At first, symptoms pointed out towards rupture air sack, so I went to the local exotic vet, for a quick treatment to puncture the swollen area with a needle, and yolk started to ooze outđŸ˜±! My hen was back at Trinity Vet in spite their objections, and they wanted to treat her with antibiotic. I requested a second operation, when they confirmed some remanent uterus tissue  possibly was triggering ovary too ovulate. Again 2  months after her second operation, her abdomen swell exactly the same way (only where the scare tissue is). The Trinity vet now thinks is a moderate hernia and no treatment is required and they pretty much discounting continues ovulation. After persistant pointing out  that  my hen ovulates,  the vet. suggested ultrasound for ÂŁ135. I asked if they notice any organ abnormalities while they were operating on her twice? The answer was “no"!  So I rejected  this option as I think it would be waste of money. 

My hen is actually very happy, active, eats and drinks well, but as the swelling grows and skin stretches I live in fear that she may injure herself free ranging which unfortunately happened  last Friday.  And guess what?! The laceration was oozing yolk againÂ đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜±. My local exotic vet does have knowledge about chickens but not extensive, he agreed that she needs suprelorin implant ASAP, which was injected. Three days later her abdomen continue to swell but, she lost her desire to nest👍, which was always present despite the operations. Her behaviour  was always my worry as she was seating in her nest almost every day for few hours, as when she was laying eggs.

If the ovulation is the reason she has to big bulges under her abdomen and developing perytinitisÂ đŸ€žthe swelling may stop growing or even recede the skin.

Across many years of caring for chickens, I have visited 7 different vets around my area, but the Trinity vet were the only ones who are happy to do operations, but after 4 years of treating my girl there, I have lost my trust as many girls were misdiagnosed, 4 operation were a failure, and etc. So I ‘m desperate to find a vet who knows his chickens🐔🐔🐔 and is compassionate.

Any suggestions please🙏🙏🙏



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