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Help with treating a kidney problem

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Hi everyone


I’m hoping for some advice that might help one of our unwell hens….


Gloria is an ex-battery hen and has been with us for just over one year so we are unsure of her exact age. Nearly two weeks ago she started to seem a little distracted and lethargic with a loss of appetite. We gave her a few days to perk up and when she didn’t we took her to the vets. The vet could feel some form of growth / blockage in her stomach area and when the vet inspected her internally she found some white, flaky residue. The vet thought this might be some form of trapped mummified egg inside Gloria and we arranged for a further check up the following day with Gloria under a sedative. Following this check, unfortunately the vet advised that it wasn’t anything that could be extracted and the issue is likely to be kidney related and Gloria might have days/weeks left. 


So… Gloria is at home and is still fairly lethargic but often perks up and scratches around. She has lost some weight but doesn’t seem quite ready to give up. Her comb is still looking healthy and her tail is still up.


From what I have read I think the vet is correct and that it is kidney related:

  • White residue / discharge seems to be a symptom of kidney issues. Gloria has no external signs of this but the vet did find internal signs.

  • They advised her oviducts were clear of any obvious issues.

  • A couple of months ago she did go slightly lame (we assumed an injury) but this could have been gout related and an early sign of kidney issues.

  • Her poop is a bright green colour and really does smell strongly!

  • She hasn’t laid an egg in over a week which also seems to be a symptom of kidney problems.


I was wondering if anyone has successfully treated their hens for kidney stones or kidney issues? I have seen articles online suggesting that it is possible to treat and I thought someone here might have some experience of this.


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