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Mrs Frugal

Uploading an Avatar from Photobucket

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I've just been asked how to do this so I thought it would make a useful topic for the FAQ section.


To upload an avatar from Photobucket, make sure it's avatar sized first (80x80 pixels) by selecting "resize" then "avatar" or you can use http://www.bigwebpages.com/big/resize.html - Scroll down the page and where it says width selectable put in 80 - or it will push the text sideways on the page. Copy the "Direct Link" code from under the picture when its in thumbnail size in Photobucket, highlight the code in this box, click your right mouse button and select "copy" from the menu that pops up. Go to your profile and paste it into the box which says "Link to off-site Avatar:" then click submit.


Please keep your avatar to a reasonable size! Anything which is over sized will be resized :wink: ! Nothing larger than 175 pixels wide and 233 pixels high please.


If you have any problems with avatars, please PM a moderator for help.

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