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Neck Moult...

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What exactly is a neck moult (apart from the obvious!! :roll: ) and what does it mean about the health of the chicken?


I got my Coral at approx 17 weeks, she is now 24 weeks and not laying or crouching yet but has grown a lot in size since I got her. She is quite a large bird now. Since a couple of weeks after getting her I am always finding white feathers in the house and round the garden but no evidence on her of bald patches. She now has lots of spikey new feathers but just on her neck.


Is this a neck moult? Is it normal?

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No mites, or any other health problems for that matter. She is her usual lively self. Whatever it is its not bothering her.


Thought I read somewhere (but can't find it now, typical!) that POL hens may do this if put on layers pellets too soon. Could that be it?

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They have partial moults from time to time, the neck being the usual place for it to happen. Nothing to worry about. Just up their protein intake to help them produce new feathers.


We all have our fave methods, such as tuna, (line caught, salt rinsed off) cat food (organic) , chick crumbs.

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My hen Ebony (the one that also has this problem) was eating pellets before she lost her neck feathers...at least I think she was...


she suffered badly from mites earlier this year before she lost her neck feathers but now they are gone her feathers are taking ages to grow back

i wonder if they are linked?

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