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Suffolk? Ok to get chickens?

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Hi there are restrictions in your area (I'm in Suffolk too)

I think you'll be ok if you get birds from outside the restricted area


I've quoted the following from the DEFRA website


What movements can take place without a licence:


Poultry and captive birds may move, including to slaughter, within that zone but not out of it.

Poultry and captive birds may move into the zone from free area.


You can view a picture of the map here

http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/diseases/notifiable/disease/ai/pdf/map-pzszrz-071119.pdf (I've just edited this as there has been the second case identified at another site (using the same workforce as the first site, but the zones have been changed as of tonight)


In Ipswich you are in the Restricted Zone. The inner circles around the infected premises are the protection zone and surveylance zones. So you can't get birds from these areas, but I think you can get birds from the rest of the restricted zone as long as you don't take them out of it.


Hope this is some help


Oh - you will need to keep the birds covered (keep them in a covered run) so that no wild bird poo can come in contact with them, and you are not allowed to let them free range (my birds were really annoyed with me until we bought them a run extension)


Good Luck :D

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I don't know if it covers the whole thing - the general advice seems to be (which I have followed) get a cheap shower curtain (people seem to get theirs from IKEA but I know there are none near us, so I got one from Ebay) and put eyelets in them round the edges (I got mine from here - very very cheap postage http://www.langardirect.com/Product/Eyelets.htm )


Here's a picture of what I've done with my run



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